Detailed planning of TOPA for trading and mining &on-line arrangement of TOPB

Dear TOPBTC users:

Since its establishment, TOPBTC has been adhering to being responsible for users and serving every user as best as possible. In order to give back to the users who support TOPBTC, we sincerely invite you to join us in the future. Based on the Suggestions of TOPBTC team and the community, the planning and dividend interest Mechanism shall be announced as follows:

1.Introduction of trading or mining of TOPA.
TOPA is based on ERC20 tokens by TOPBTC platform.The total issuance  is 10 billion, with no additional issuance and original all frozen, through the way of "trading as mining" to unfreeze. Transaction fees will be calculated as 1 QQC dug out equals one, that is, how many dug out,how many unfreeze.

2.Partnership mechanism

(1)【senior partner】 invite 50 effective users----each of the person invited need to make at least one deal. and enjoy the dividend interest of 7% of the Transaction fee by effective users.
(2)【super partner】invite 20 senior partners, and enjoy the dividend interest of 3% of transaction fee of valid users invited by senior partners.
(3)if the requirements have been met, you will be upgraded to senior partner or super partner after successful manual review. Partners have a special identity when they log on to the website.

3.TOPB and TOPA dividend mechanism

(1) the holders of TOPB and TOPA can enjoy 90% of the dividend interest of transaction fee, 45% of each (i.e., the fee will be divided according to whatever the coin is).
(2)the bonus period shall be calculated on a daily basis (the actual issuing time shall prevail).
(3)the remaining 10% of the service fee shall be used for the dividends of the invitation mechanism.

4.Invitation mechanism

(1) invite friends to register will get 3 TOPBs until all TOPBs are sent out. The invitee must transact at least once and complete real-name authentication.

5.Online time

(1)TOPB will go online at 15:00 (UTC+8) on July 18, 2018.
(2)TOPA will go online at 15:00 (UTC+8) on July 25, 2018.

6.Start time of dividend

Starting from the launch of TOPB and TOPA, the calculation of dividends began.