Announcement on PAC Online Trading

$PAC is a community driven successor to Bitcoin, incorporating various improvements such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the Masternode network. The major aim of $PAC is to become the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally. network features double send proof transactions and transaction history that is erasable in terms of receiving funds. $PAC works using the principle of decentralization with the community as the face of the coin.

From the June 20th, 2018 at 10:00(UTC+8)our services for deposit
From the June 22th, 2018 at 15:00(UTC+8)our services for trading

Short name:PAC

Total :100,000,000,000 

Website address:
Block chain:

Notice: Digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations and high investment risks. Before investing in digital assets, please have a full understanding of digital assets and be prudent of your own investment ability and decisions.