About LEOcoin on the QQC trading area of the notice

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Recent TOPBTC team conducted a survey of the LEOcoin community activity, LEOcoin has met the conditions of the QQC trading zone, we will be on December 6, 2017 LEOcoin on the QQC trading area, please note.

The company is located in:
QQC purchase method:
Users can enter the C2C trading hall through TOPBTC platform (topbtc.com), C2C trading area for peer-to-peer transactions between users, the platform does not accept top-up remittances
First, set the payment / receipt bank card information,
Second, enter the number and password, click to buy the system automatically generate remittance orders, remittances and fill in notes according to the order, click to complete the remittance, notify the business release.

QQC introduction:
QQC is based on the underlying technology BLOCKCHAIN stable value token introduced QQ Code (hereinafter QQC), 1QQC = 1CNY, users can always use QQC and legal currency 1: 1 exchange.
QQC strictly abide by the 1: 1 reserve guarantee. Users can query on the QQC block browser to ensure transparency.
Users can exchange over-the-counter transactions through the C2C QQC; redemption, the reverse operation can be used in exchange for bitcoin exchange QQC.

QQC is a digital asset released on the basis of a decentralized point-to-point agreement. QQ biggest feature is that it is the same amount with the French currency is equivalent to the trading platform can redeem each other. QQC can be seen as a bitcoin-like tokens, people can be transferred through the wallet, storage and consumption. The design of QQC as a replica of a legal currency on a digital network makes it a good hedging token in volatile currency markets.

QQC advantages:
First, to avoid the overall downside risk: QQC is a stable monetary value of digital assets, 1QQC = 1CNY, in the currency exchange all the decline in the case of the currency, digital assets can be converted to QQC way to avoid the risk.
Second, the more intuitive currency: each currency = how much QQC, that is how much the price of CNY.
Third, the circulation speed: QQC circulation based on decentralized point to point protocol multi-level blockchain technology, stable and reliable.

Official website: http: //www.qqcode.com/
Block query website: http://block.qqcode.com/

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December 3, 2017