About TOPBTC on-line C2C trading area and QQC trading area notice

Dear user:
TOPBTC is scheduled to open at 15:00 on November 22, QQC recharge cash withdrawal business, and at the same time open the following transactions:

QQC purchase method:
Users can enter through the TOPBTC platform (topbtc.com) from the C2C trading hall section. The C2C trading area is a peer-to-peer transaction between users, and the platform does not accept top-up remittances
First, set the payment / receipt bank card information
Second, enter the number and password you want to buy, click the purchase system to automatically generate remittance orders, remittances and fill in notes according to the order, click Finish remittances, businesses will be given after the remittance release, the account will increase the appropriate number QQC
Third, sell QQC, enter the number and password you want to sell, click Sell and wait for the merchant to send you remittances

QQC introduction:
QQC is based on the underlying technology BLOCKCHAIN stable value digital currency QQ Code (referred to as QQC), users can always use QQC and legal currency 1: 1 exchange
Through the C2C OTC trading floor to buy QQC, reverse operation can be sold

QQC advantages:
First, to avoid the overall downside risk: QQC is a stable monetary value of digital assets in the currency exchange all the drops in the case of the currency, digital assets can be converted to QQC way to avoid the risk
Second, the more intuitive currency: QQC anchor the same value of legal currency
Third, the circulation speed: QQC circulation of the average confirmation time of 60 seconds

Official website: http: //www.qqcode.com
Block Chain: http://block.qqcode.com

November 21, 2017